Glossary of Metaphysical Terms

The ultimate reference for you IS you, and the experience you gain while working with a particular tool or concept.  We cannot stress that enough!  There is a fine line between seeking guidance and merely swapping one dogma for another.  The metaphysical community is fully capable of playing both sides of that field, on the one hand encouraging you to walk your own path while at the same time saying, "but here's the one product, service or tool that will get you there."  There is no one answer.  There is no one path.  Learn to question everything, even us, and learn to look inside because you have more answers than you give yourself credit for.


Having said all that......


This glossary is simply included as a convenience for people who have some curiosity, and may not have a reference volume readily to hand.  Please contact us if you'd like further explanation of an existing glossary entry, or some insight on a topic which has not yet made it to the glossary.

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