Hand Crafted Soy Wax Candles

"You really have the best smelling candles around!! All the others smell fake and weird. Thanks a bunch." ~RAE, Altoona IA

Our candles are made from 100% American soy wax in small craft batches of up to 9 at a time.  We use the maximum of fragrance oil per volume that soy wax can hold.  The natural fragrance oils, tints and braided cotton wicks are cruelty free for a candle experience you can feel good about.  We use the maximum amount of fragrance oil that the soy wax will hold without creating an oily patch on the top, so rest assured that when you walk into a room where one of our candles is burning, you will definitely smell the difference.

We pour our candles into 8-ounce quilted crystal jelly jars because they are designed to hold up to extremes of heat and pressure which exceed any stress they might come under as candles, whether you light them or set them on a candle warmer.  The quilted pattern looks brilliant with a flame dancing within, and the lid offers a safe way of snuffing out your candle when you come to the end of each use.

Because we add the tint and fragrance when the wax is melted, our candles can fill a room with scent from the first time they are lit, to whenever that last drop is melted.  These candles burn an average of 44 hours and have a low enough melting temperature that most people can comfortably touch the wax and use it as a lotion.  (Please don't do that when the wick is lit)  We have had customers tell us about their kids, grandkids and pets who have tipped these candles over, spilled wax on themselves, and suffered no burns! 

Since these are hand-crafted and tint lots vary, these candles may not be exactly the same color from one order to the next, or within a single large order. Volume discount pricing is available on quantities of twelve or more candles. Reach out to Mark to learn all about it.

Know your wax! Soy wax is plant based!  Paraffin is a petroleum derivative, which means that melting paraffin can give off carcinogens such as toulene and benzene.  If you wouldn't heat motor oil in your home, why would you ever melt paraffin candles in your home?

Remember that food grade paraffin is still paraffin. The reason it is food grade is because you can eat it without releasing the known carcinogens in the wax. Once the paraffin is hot enough to melt, it is hot enough to release carcinogens. Soy wax is safe wax!

Our Soy Wax Candles can be shipped during the summer heat, but we do like to keep an eye on the weather along their journey, as we don't like for them to potentially sit in a hot truck over the weekend.  Please note that there may be slight shipping delays if it's a real scorcher! 

Live in Des Moines and want to purchase from a retail location?  
We have select fragrances for sale at the Iowa Food Coop shop on Franklin Avenue.  Are you a little ways south of Des Moines?  We also have select fragrances available at the Timber Ridge Country Market on the north side of the square, in Osceola.