Soy Mega Melt Fragrance Refill Oil - Essence of Nag Champa

$ 5.00

Each bottle of Soy Mega Melt Fragrance Refill Oil will recharge your Soy Mega Melt, blending perfectly with the wax and giving off a delightful aroma.

Peace!  This is a classic incense variety but it's unusual to find it in a candle, tart or melt.

  • Smells exactly like the incense in the distinctive blue box
  • Popular among all age ranges
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Strong enough to mask many odors

With more than 40 scents we usually don't sell out of any one item, but when we do?  It's usually this one.

This half-ounce-by-weight bottle will recharge one Essence of Nag Champa Renewable Soy Mega Melt when poured into the liquid Mega Melt.


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