Soy Mega Melt Fragrance Refill Oil - Flowering Jasmine

$ 5.00

Each bottle of Soy Mega Melt Fragrance Refill Oil will recharge your Soy Mega Melt, blending perfectly with the wax and giving off a delightful aroma.

One of our most powerful fragrances, and a sure hit for anyone who likes floral aromas.

  • Transports you right to a tropical holiday
  • Phenomenal odor masking powers
  • Even unlit, this is a perfect air freshener in a smaller space
  • Might be a tad bodacious for people who aren't loving the strong fragrances

Anyone who even kinda sorta likes Jasmine, is going to love this Mega Melt. 

This half-ounce-by-weight bottle will recharge one Flowering Jasmine Renewable Soy Mega Melt when poured into the liquid Mega Melt.


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