Himalayan Salt Lamps and More

Our beautiful lamps and candle holders are made from pink sea salt mined at the foot of the Himalayans in Pakistan, and are both naturally shaped, and sculpted. This pure pink salt originated in the evaporation of primordial seas 250 million years ago at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This salt is responsibly hand-harvested and is free of the modern impurities found in much commercial sea salt currently on the market.

The health benefit of these items when used as lamps is derived from the negative ions emitted by the warm salt. Negative ions bond with pollutants in the air, which carry a positive charge, and the combination then falls out of the air. In addition to the respiratory benefits, these have a soothing glow, and bring a calm energy to their surroundings. The benefits of both the lamps and the candle holders are realized when heat is applied to the salt; when the lamp is turned on, or when the tea light is lit within the candle holder. The photo shown for each listing gives an example of what your item will look like, but it is not the exact item you will receive.

Before we received the salt lamp, I was sick all the time with allergies. I would be feeling "yucky" and my eyes would be watering. We received the salt lamp for Christmas. After we hooked it up, my life changed. I was and still am feeling great. I am not sick all the time. I can enjoy being around people more. I haven't missed work since we received the lamp. I am a strong believer that this truly works! I wasn't before---thought it was a myth. Thanks to R.N. of Des Moines for these unsolicited comments.

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