Metaphysical Services

We offer a variety of Metaphysical Services online and in person by appointment, although these services are not offered at shows. These services may be purchased as a gift, but the information that comes through in each reading is confidential to the person receiving the service. Once you have made your purchase, we will contact you to set up the service and answer any questions you may have, prior to providing the service.

These readings are not meant to take the place of medical, legal, or other professional advice, but people who get them, tend to be glad they did. By purchasing any reading, you are agreeing that you are at least 18, are acting on your own free will, and are giving permission for your energy to be accessed for the purposes of the service you are purchasing.

Some of our reviews:

"One of the best past life readings I've ever invested in. Not only does she give you an insight on a specific past life but she helps you understand the meaning and messages in the reading. I recommend this to all my friends. A very good purchase!" J.R.

"Very interesting insight! I've always felt connected to certain places/things and this helped me understand why I felt this connection. Thank you!" M.F.

"Certainly a eye opener and a reading that provided me with vital insights. I would say that this is the most profound reading I have had in a long while. Thank you so much x" Z.J.

"My husband found this reading to be very relevant and moving. Thorough and kindly allowed follow-up questions. Thank you again. :) " A.N.

"Thank you again! My husband and I deeply enjoyed and appreciated these additional readings. They were full of detailed information, relevant to us, and quite touching. I highly recommend this seller." A.N.X