Channeled Medicine Wheel Reading

$ 40.00

The Medicine Wheel is a place where the forces of the six sacred directions come together in a point of balance. According to the Zuni people of New Mexico, many of our challenges stem from being out of balance with elements of the great mystery. When we bring balance to our lives, our issues of concern are able to resolve, and we are able to lead the best life that is available to us.

The Zuni believe that man cannot communicate directly with elements such as the six directions, but that animals have agreed to intercede on our behalf. Each sacred direction has an animal guardian, and it is the wisdom of these guardians which is accessed for your reading.


North.........Mountain Lion





Each guardian tends to give advice on a range of subjects particular to that animal, which results in your concern being addressed from many angles.

This type of reading tends to show different perspectives on the question, and is similar to putting your query before a panel of wise counselors. You will receive a detailed message from each guide, and will be able to ask follow-up questions so you can get the most out of your channeled medicine wheel reading.

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