Astrophyllite with Garnet Standing Point

$ 12.00 $ 24.98

Transformative and beautiful, each Astrophyllite with Garnet standing point has the potential to be the most powerful crystal you add to your collection this year.  Among the multiple properties of this stone are the following:

  • Improves insight into one's own self, which can help move a person closer to their life and spiritual goals.
  • Can bring about more of life's "coincidences" and also supports the insight to make these events more meaningful
  • Sometimes called the "marriage stone" by encouraging partners to be fully candid with, and trusting of, each other

Because this is a bulk listing, the price reflects the cost of a single point.  We will choose a lovely one for your order.  This group measures approximately 75-92mm for length and 21-28mm for width.




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