Stunning Amethyst Crystal Standing Point

$ 10.00

Born within a cavity of cooling lava, each Stunning Amethyst Crystal Standing Point knows how to endure searing heat and incredible pressure, yet still be a radiant force for good.

  •  Nicknamed "the change stone" for its ability to open gateways
  • Brings "the three P's," Peace-Protection-Purity
  • Lovely range of color variation and internal features makes each point unique

Remember that every crystal will have it's own relationship with the user so *your* personal experience will be unique to you.

This group stand squarely on their flat bases and range right around 2 to 3 inches in height. They have the quiet energetic feel of crystals of power who are just waiting for the right person to tap into it. 

Please note that this is a bulk listing. The photograph shows crystals from this group, but the actual point you receive may not be one of those shown. The purchase price is for a single point.


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