About our Metaphysical Shop

Welcome to our funky little online gift shop!

The items in these categories are more "produced" than what you'll find over in our Natural Healing Crystal categories.  The gemstones in our Metaphysical Shop have been made into pendulums, carved into fetishes by skilled Zuni artists, or bundled into specialty kits.  Our Metaphysical Shop categories have way more than just gemstones.  Here you'll find the reference materials to help you make sense of it all, plus we offer numerous psychic readings for those times when you want to dive deep into an issue.

If you are looking for something specific, please don't hesitate to reach out.  We have lots more cool stuff up our sleeves that has yet to make it to the website.  Also, we have ninja connections so we can save you a ton of time & effort by quickly delivering what you're looking for.   Why not let us do your shopping for you?  Finally, we offer gift certificates which are a super, stress-free option, and our customer loyalty program will kick in soon.

Have fun!