About our Natural Healing Crystals

Our Natural Healing Crystals are sourced from wholesalers we trust, all over the world.  We only carry crystals that we would like to own ourselves, because until they go to their new homes, we really do own them ourselves.

We offer gemstones in many different configurations---as spheres, tumbled stones, raw chunks, unpolished slabs---and we have a large amount of crystals that aren't on the website yet, or that we only bring to shows.  If you're looking for something that you can't find (here or elsewhere), please get in touch.  Crystals which are purchased just for you are a great bargain through us because we already have the buyer lined up.  We don't have to photograph that crystal, add it to the website, or pack it in a show tub, which means we can charge you less for it. 

We are often asked "what does this stone do" or "what is this good for?"  Please take a moment to really look at these crystals, or at those in your own collection, and allow yourself to get lost in the wonder of the natural world.  Each one is a unique formation from the earth and each one has something special to offer.  Whatever else these stones do, and they do a lot, may you never lose your willingness to be dazzled by nature.