More than Just FAQs

There are some questions we get asked time and time again, and there are other questions which never get asked.  But they should.  Here you'll find our responses to both.  As always, let us know if we can help you out with anything.

Please keep in mind that what matters in all of this metaphysical stuff, is you.  Your research, your questions, your beliefs.  Your connection to whatever the ultimate spiritual source is for your path.  On the one hand, the metaphysical community is great at supporting people who are finding their own way after an earlier experience with some mainstream dogma, but on the other hand, this community is just as liable to say "follow your own path....but read my book, buy my product" as any other.


Please don't swap some mainstream dogma for something a little more funky.  We encourage you to do your research, to grow your own spine and do your own thing; to reject whatever does not serve you.  Even if what does not serve you, is us, you seriously need to take your power back and move forward with it on your own.  We're rooting for you!

"How does crystal healing work?"
First off, you need to understand that we live in a vibrating universe.  Every cell, every component atom of every cell, has it's own vibration.  There is a vibration that's aligned with the perfect condition of something, and there are vibrations which occur when things are out of balance.  Being able to influence those vibrations is the basis for any healing, whether that's done with crystals, essential oils, etc.
You already have your own vibrational field; then let's say you pick up an Apache Tear and put that in your pocket.  The Apache Tear has it's own vibration, and that vibration begins to interact with yours.  How each crystal reacts may differ from person to person, but most people say that introducing an Apache Tear into their vibrational field, helps them feel less lonely and bummed out.  Does that mean you will feel less lonely and bummed out with an Apache Tear in your pocket?  The only way to know is to give it a try.  If the Apache Tear does help you feel better, that's great!  If the Apache Tear seems to have no effect, does that mean crystal healing is a bunch of crap?  No.  It means that crystal works differently for you than it did for someone else, and it means you haven't found the stone which helps you in that way......yet.  Keep looking, stay focused on your own body and your own reactions, and the proper crystal will reveal itself to you.

"How does smudging work?"
Smudging works just like crystal healing works, except that rather than introducing a stone into the vibrational field, you are introducing the vibration of a smoldering botanical.  (You can also use a tea made from those botanicals, but we'll go into that elsewhere)
In addition to the obvious tools such as a smudge stick and a flame source, smuding calls on your intention and your attention.  You need to have a clear intention of why you're wanting to influence the vibration.  This can be something that's in line with your spiritual path, it can be clearing space in advance of a ritual; whatever.  Once the smudging begins, you need to call on your attention to stay focused on the work you're doing.  Will that smoldering botanical change the surrounding vibration all by itself?  Of course.  Are your actions going to pack a bigger punch if you stay focused on the matters at hand, rather than allowing your mind to go off and play?  Assuming that you've framed your intention betcha!  And with anything involving fire, please extinguish your smudging materials safely when you're done!  The best bet is to put the botanical into a glass container and fit a lid securely over the top, and then leave it there until the next time you use it.  We do a lot of shows and over the years we've heard some real horror stories from people who thought they had tamped out a smudge wand all the way, and then tossed it into a dresser drawer, the glove compartment of a car, nestled it against something on an altar, only to discover that some sparks had burrowed deep into the smudge wand.  Just because smudging is a good practice, doesn't get you off the hook for having common sense.