Black Tourmaline With Quartz Necklace

$ 30.00 $ 45.00

Potentially life-changing, this Black Tourmaline With Quartz Necklace brings many exciting qualities to the person who wears it.  

Black Tourmaline is a truly exceptional crystal, with some of it's metaphysical properties including protection against psychic attack, grounding, and increasing luck!  Clear Quartz is known to amplify the influence of other crystals it is near, as well as being a master healer in it's own right.  Wow!

This gorgeous pendant features an orb and a double-pointed crystal of Clear Quartz atop a polished Black Tourmaline crystal.  Silver-tone metal setting brings it all together.  Hangs from a waxed black cotton cord and includes a lobster claw clasp.  The pendant itself measures approximately 2" long and may also be used as a pendulum.


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