Channeled Message From Spirit or Totem Animal

$ 40.00

The Spirit or Totem animal is a high caliber guide whose wisdom is only rarely accessed by most people. The pace of mundane life works against developing the ability to connect with this rich, powerful energy and instead favors shallow, reactive decisions. Because the Spirit Animal occupies a realm of pure, timeless energy the insight offered can be critical when working through life changes, embarking on a path of self-discovery, or coming to terms with something in your past. Your Channeled Message is received by a lifelong shaman who is well versed at communicating the guidance of these elemental forces.

Please note: Each person has a Spirit or Totem animal guide although many are unaware of their guides identity. The guide will appear to the shaman once the session begins, so it is not necessary that you know which animal to call upon when ordering this service.

With a Channeled Message from your spirit animal, you are able to pose up to three, single-sentence questions answered during one session. Instructions on how to redeem this item will be emailed upon purchase.


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