Charcoal Facial Soap

$ 7.00 $ 15.00

Delightful! Each bar of Charcoal Facial Soap is a treat for your face.

  • Acts as a gentle cleanser which is kind to all skin types, even to dry skin
  • Helpful against common facial blemishes such as acne
  • Spearmint and Tea Tree essential oils lend a light, cheery fragrance

Did you know the harsh chemicals within commercially manufactured can actually aggravate acne for some people?  The activated charcoal and gentle oils support optimal skin health while helping to resolve blemishes.

Made by our friends at Naturally By Darla, this Charcoal Facial Soap will be your skin's new best friend.

Each bar weighs 3.5 ounces.  Packaged by hand in an eco-friendly biodegradable bag.

Ingredients:  Saponofied Olive, coconut, avocado, castor & rice bran oils, activated charcoal powder, Spearmint & Tea Tree essential oils.



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