Essence of Nag Champa Renewable Soy Mega Melt

$ 15.00 $ 24.99

The Essence of Nag Champa Renewable Soy Mega Melt is designed to benefit the environment.  Will last 2-3 months before needing to be renewed. Each Renewable Soy Mega Melt contains an "energized" Quartz Crystal programmed to heal the planet, air and all living beings. Made from Soy Wax in a recyclable container. Comes with a decorative vented lid. 

Peace!  This is a classic incense variety but it's unusual to find it in a candle, tart or melt.

  • Smells exactly like the incense in the distinctive blue box
  • Popular among all age ranges
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Strong enough to mask many odors

With more than 40 scents we usually don't sell out of any one item, but when we do?  It's usually this one.

Warming plate and fragrance refill sold separately.

Also available as a candle or tart.


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