Ethereal Rose Quartz Crystal Standing Point

$ 10.00 $ 18.00

Each Ethereal Rose Quartz Crystal Standing Point is a perfect column of pink heaven!  Rose quartz has been formed by enduring crushing pressure for thousands of years, yet these specimens are dreamy and comforting---how awesome is that?

Rose quartz is often helpful in multiple ways:

  • Energizing the heart chakra and paving the way for the flow of loving kindness.
  • Supporting forgiveness and patience, and who couldn't use more of those qualities in their life?
  • Reduction of tension and ill will in your energetic surroundings

Remember that every crystal will have it's own relationship with the user so *your* personal experience will be unique to you.

This group tend to be fairly transparent with a lovely hue and some internal features.  They measure an average of 2 to 3 inches in height and will become fast favorites! 

Please note that this is a bulk listing. The photograph shows crystals from this group, but the actual point you receive may not be one of those shown. The purchase price is for a single point.


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