Labradorite Crystal Double Terminated Point

$ 10.00 $ 18.00

Feast your eyes on one of these marvelous Labradorite Crystal Double Terminated Points, and you will understand why so many myths speak of the Northern Lights living in this mineral.  Some other properties associated with Labradorite include:

  • Aids astral travel
  • Awakens intuitive ability
  • Sensitizes the hands for healing

Remember that every crystal will have it's own relationship with the user so *your* personal experience will be unique to you.

This group feature unique internal features with brilliant splashes of blue fire.  Matte finish allows you to see into the depth of the stone for a watery, mysterious feel.  These points measure an average of 76mm long x 23 mm wide.

Please note that this is a bulk listing. The photograph shows crystals from this group, but the actual point you receive may not be one of those shown. The purchase price is for a single point.


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