Rose Quartz Crystal Subtle Point Massage Wand

$ 12.00 $ 15.00

There are many benefits to working with a Rose Quartz Crystal Subtle Point Massage Wand:

  • Perfect for positional release, reflexology, or stripping a muscle
  • Fit nicely in your hand for a secure, nuanced hold
  • Mimics a fingertip feel with two size options per wand

Remember that every crystal will have it's own relationship with the user so *your* personal experience will be unique to you.

This group enjoy a sweet variance of color and internal features.  They measure an average of 2 to 4 inches in length.

Please note that this is a bulk listing. The photograph shows crystals from this group, but the actual point you receive may not be one of those shown. The purchase price is for a single point.


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