Sichuan Phantom Quartz Points

$ 10.00 $ 20.00

This is a sweet little group of clearly defined Phantom Quartz points which were sourced from the Sichuan region of China.

Phantom points occur when an existing crystal point is overgrown by another, so one point is fully encased by another.  This group are especially nice because the inner, phantom crystal is quite distinct (although challenging to photograph).

Some of the metaphysical properties that are noted with phantom crystal points include:

  • Helping to identify the hidden potential within each of us
  • Powerful agents of birth and new growth
  • Serious tools for interdimensional healing

Remember that every crystal will have it's own relationship with the user so *your* personal experience will be unique to you.

This group tend to be double terminated points with some Lemurian lines, as well as the presence of iron on the outer crystal point.  They measure an average of one inch in length and are utterly delightful!

Please note that this is a bulk listing. The photograph shows crystals from this group, but the actual point you receive may not be one of those shown. The purchase price is for a single point.




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