Soy Mega Melt Fragrance Refill Oil - Citronella Tiki Lamp

$ 8.00

Each bottle of Soy Mega Melt Fragrance Refill Oil will recharge your Soy Mega Melt, blending perfectly with the wax and giving off a delightful aroma.

Perfect for patio or picnic table use -- most tiki lamp fuels contain harmful petroleum hydrocarbons, are potentially fatal if accidentally ingested, and are messy to refill --- yuck!  Our Citronella Tiki Lamp soy products are 100% natural, cruelty-free, and don't give off petroleum hydrocarbons.

This one-ounce-by-weight bottle is good for 2 uses -- pour half a bottle into your melted Soy Mega Melt for a single recharge..


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