Soy Mega Melt Fragrance Refill Oil - Fruit Loops

$ 8.00

Each bottle of Soy Mega Melt Fragrance Refill Oil will recharge your Soy Mega Melt, blending perfectly with the wax and giving off a delightful aroma.

Victory never smelled so good!  A friend in Kansas City challenged Mark to make a candle that smells like Fruit Loops, and this candle nails it. Now available as a Renewable Soy Mega Melt!

  • Perfect citrus blend, exactly like the cereal
  • An outgoing, cheerful fragrance
  • Pretty darn good at odor masking
  • Gets a smile every single time!

There is no way you can lose, giving this fragrance as a gift.  Everybody loves it! 

This one-ounce-by-weight bottle is good for 2 uses -- pour half a bottle into your melted Soy Mega Melt for a single recharge.


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