Soy Mega Melt Fragrance Refill Oil - Springtime Lilac

$ 5.00

Each bottle of Soy Mega Melt Fragrance Refill Oil will recharge your Soy Mega Melt, blending perfectly with the wax and giving off a delightful aroma.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, and you would have no idea that you weren't sitting next to a lilac bush in full bloom!

  • An absolute perfect fragrance match 
  • Powerful throw to fill large rooms
  • Great odor masking capabilities
  • Equally popular with men and women

We ship this product all over the world, to people who love the smell of lilac and can't get enough of it during the spring.

This half-ounce-by-weight bottle will recharge one Springtime Lilac Renewable Soy Mega Melt when poured into the liquid Mega Melt.


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